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What Hot Tub Chemicals Do I Need?

When the days are tiring, the nights are not enough to give you a refreshing morning. Relaxing is an important part of work life because if you don't relax your body will not have the spirit to continue the daily routine with enthusiasm and attention. These things are quite important for success and that is what you can gain through relaxation. Hot tub bath is known to be a great way to relax and unwind your body. The hot bubbles in the hot tub make your muscle relaxed and take away the muscle tension. It is quite important to use hot tub chemicals not only for sanitizing it but for your healthy and glowing skin.

Hot tub chemicals are need for many reasons. There are chemicals that can keep you safe from bacteria borne by water. When the water supply is hard the deposit of calcium and lime increases in the water which makes it look bad and at the same time it can block the pipe that brings the water. The dirty look is not what you want. Sometime foam is creased due to dirt and moving water. Hot tub chemicals can deal with all these issues and make your hot tub crystal clear in look.

While talking about sanitizing chemicals one name that comes up first is chlorine. Though it is used in swimming pools to keep them sanitized, the use of chlorine in hot tubs is limited. The simple reason is that chlorine loses its disinfectant property as the temperature shoots up to 80 degree. So it is not useful for hot tubs. There are specially designed chemicals that can be used here in high temperature. Chlorine also has a smell that people don't like and it can also cause rashes. In such cases bromine is used.

Tanning of skin is a major problem in hot tub bath and for that there are lotions available to use in the hot tub water that are anti tanning in nature. Whenever you use chlorine or bromine in the water it is important to test the level of these chemicals as overuse can be harmful for your skin. You may also need to check the PH balance in the water and adjust it to the permitted level. There are other chemicals available to be used as spa cleanser and pipe cleanser.

General Guide for using Hot tub chemicals

- Use the chemicals that are suitable for your skin. If you have chlorine allergy then use only bromine.
- Heat the water to 80 degree Fahrenheit and then add the chemicals in them. The bubble and the hot water would make it easy for the chemicals to dissolve properly.
- Change the spa water every month and if not possible then once in three months.
- Filter the tub at low speed occasionally.
- Never use the bromine and chlorine cleanser together in the spa water.
- Test the water for the level of chemicals and the PH before going into it. This would ensure that you are not exposed to too much chemicals.

The above mentioned chemicals can keep your hot tub clean and safe for your use. It is very important to purchase the chemicals from a trusted brand or a distributer that you can trust. Enjoy the healthy and safety hot tub bath in a hygienic way with hot tub chemicals.

Four Features That Affect Hot Tub Prices

When you are out looking for a hot tub, you want to get the best hot tub prices that are out on the market. You want to hurry and purchase one but you don't want to spend a whole lot of money to just soak in a "tub". This is why you should continue to shop even if you find a great deal at one store. You may find another great deal at another store with a completely different hot tub that you just absolutely fall in love with. You've probably have had similar experiences with other products. Keep in mind... there are so many models and brands of hot tubs that you can almost assuredly find the best hot tub prices at any hot tub store. You will even find great hot tub accessory prices at these stores too.

The kinds of features you end up getting on your hot tub will affect the best hot tub prices. Remember that the more features it has, the more your hot tub is going to cost.

Acrylic vs. Wood

When you start looking at wooden hot tubs, you'll notice they cost less than acrylic hot tubs. They usually cost about $1,000 for a three-person hot tub. Compare that to the acrylic hot tub of the same type. You'll notice a $1,000 increase in the price. Wooden hot tubs are usually much more desirable than their acrylic counterparts because they give off a wonderful aroma that is tantalizing to the senses. Wooden hot tubs do have the best hot tub prices.

Size of Hot Tub

The size of the hot tub you go with can also affect your best hot tub prices. If you choose a small hot tub that's just for you and a few other people, you will probably pay around $1,500 to $2,500. Don't forget that the amenities you add to it will increase the price. However, if you can catch your hot tub on sale, you can lower the price you pay by a great deal.

Hot tubs designed for eight or more people will cost in excess of $10,000. Prices for tubs such as these are very reasonable. You'll probably want to add in amenities to these types of hot tubs too.

Number of Vents

Not only will the size and kind of hot tub you get affect the best hot tub prices, but the number of vents you decide to go with will also affect the price. If you want the average number of vents, which is five, in your hot tub, then you're likely to get a better deal than a hot tub that has more than that. If you have certain bodily ailments such as joint, skin or muscle ailments, then you don't want more than five jets anyway.  More jets in the hot tub can aggravate the condition. In this case... less is more.

Heating Unit

The last thing that will affect your best hot tub prices is the kind of heating unit you go with. If you want a wood heating unit like the Chofu, you'll pay less for your hot tub. More common heating units like the natural gas, electric or propane heaters will increase your price over the wood-burning heater hot tub. However, the most expensive hot tub heating units are tubs being heated by solar power.

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Using the Internet to Purchase a Used Hot Tub Cover

Many hot tub owners know only to well that the covers that will protect their investment are fairly expensive. New hot tub covers do not catch most hot tub owners' eyes because of the cost. Indeed, hot tub owners on a budget won't even bother looking at new hot tub covers.

Many companies will offer incentives to reduce the amount a person pays for a hot tub cover but it is still costly. If you happen to be a hot tub owner and live on a small budget that doesn't allow for a brand new hot tub cover, what are you supposed to do to protect your investment?

When you are low on cash, you can

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